The ultimate mobile app
that simplifies point-of-sale operation

A plug-and-play point-of-sale app that simplifies your business operation with a sophisticated approach, cut loose from hassels and waste

Fast & Easy Deployment

Own a portable POS with high-end features for as little as $300, a ready to go kit requrires no remodeling/cabling or backend server, kickstart your business right away without going through unnecessary hassles.

Minimizing Downtime

Streamlined architecture combined with high quality engineering created fault tolerant software that once setup rarely require any maintenance and downtime, so we don't have to charge by subscription.


Portable devices integrated with cloud technology and open architecture makes it possible to deploy on small or big business easily, and save great amount of money so business can grow and expand aggressively.

Enterprise level security

Following industry standard to safe guard your data even in the most challenging environment, with proprietary technology to ensure complete confidentiality and smooth migration from single site to multi-site installation.


Vendease app has several different editions, each can be purchased to convert your iPhone into versatile POS for your own needs. The editions are:

  • Standalone - Convert iPhone into a cash register, allow secure backup of sales report to PC/MAC through physical connection to provide complete data confidentiality.
  • e-Menu - Efficient table-side ordering using multiple iOS devices.
  • Enterprise - Ideal for chain stores that require real-time data exchange.

Price tier and supported features are detailed in the matrix below, to purchase license please visit our on-line store

Standalone eMenu Enterprise
Suitable for Convert iPhone into cash register Efficient table-side ordering Chain store
Table Management yes yes yes
Table-side ordering single device yes yes
E-menu´╝łorder by customer´╝ë yes yes
Auto billing yes yes yes
Accept credit card (swipe or manual) yes yes yes
Reporting Yes Yes/Open API Yes/Open API
Staff management yes yes yes
Full-size Menu Editing yes yes yes
Print receipt & to kitchen yes yes yes
Social Marketing tools Yes Yes Yes
Bill splitting yes yes yes
Multiple terminals $49/extra device unlimited
CloudOffice yes yes yes
Secure reporting yes yes
Multiple site data sync yes
Price $49 (One time charge) $499(1 terminal slots) From $49/month

Terms are subject to change without notice, verify with sales first before making purchase.

Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit card is easy, the app integrates credit card processing into checkout flow, can seamlessly process credit card through a card reader or manually entering card number.

Processing fees are very competitive

  • Support flat rate model
  • Support tiered pricing model
  • no setup fee, no annual fee, no termination fee
  • no other hidden fee
  • will match rate of other provider
  • is PCI compliant
  • as secure as any big bank

For a limited time, if you sign up for credit card processing with our partner, you can get $100 cash back when purchasing printer or software license from our online store.

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